Sri.Gerard Martin , herpetologist visited Hampizoo.

Sri.Gerard Martin , herpetologist visited   Hampizoo he gave his brief idea for upcoming  reptile park project in the Hampi zoo .We had a chance of getting information  about serpentarium  with a very new theme from an expert .  After the UoM   Mr. Gerard  explained  about snakes, it's coexistence with humans ,snake -human conflict , mitigation of such conflicts and Conservation of  snakes. All ED's ,RFOs, biologist, education officer,and veterinary doctors attended the lecture with APCCF and member secretary of ZAK. Meeting was concluded  by the felicitation of Our ED M.N kiran sir   .The ZAk team  and APCCF  visited  newly constructed lion enclosures, kitchen and store room, sprinkler system in Herbivores safari and  entrance plaza