Summer Camp

Day 9 of Summer Camp started with a guided tour of the Arboretum to learn about the identification and interesting facts about various tree species found in different habitats followed by a visit to the upcoming Vulture Breeding Centre in Bannerghatta National Park. A session on enrichment was conducted for students to understand the need to maintain welfare in captivity followed by observation of Summer enrichment provided to various species housed in the zoo. 

Day 10 of Summer Camp commenced with a nature walk with guest naturalist Deepa Mohan and team, in BBP followed by a session on Eco tourism at JLR and Visit to the feeding unit to understand the feeding procedure to meet the nutritional requirements. Needs of visitors were discussed by the PRO and the students conducted a visitor survey to get feedback about the visitor facilities. The members were assigned with topics for poster presentation and an interactive session with the Engineer was conducted to understand how the needs and safety of animals are satisfied through enclosure design