Grand opening of Tiger and Lion Safari at Hampi Zoo

The Tiger and Lion safari at Kamalapur, near Hampi, in Ballari district — third after the safaris at Bannerghatta and Shivamogga — Tiger Lion Safari has been inaugurated by the Hon’ble Forest Minister, Govt. of Karnataka, and thrown open to public on June 21.

The Herbivore Safari was launched in 2017, and tourists have started exploring the attraction.   An area of about 149 hectares of land was allotted to the Zoo Authority of Karnataka for developing the Zoo plus other conservation activities.  Four Tigers and Four Lions have been relocated to Hampi Zoo.  

This is the first Safari in the North Karnataka region, it will boost tourism and attract the visitors of Hampi thereby it creates jobs to the locals, and help in improvement of economy.  Nearly 15 Animal enclosures are being constructed at Hampi zoo, which has been formally inaugurated but still not open to the Public. Once the enclosures are completed and animals are released into it, animals will be displayed to the public.